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I’ve been to events where the videographers really get into people’s faces and are intrusive by sticking a camera and microphone in guests faces. What do you do about this?

Garland Video Productions is very sensitive to the fact that people don’t want to be distracted or annoyed by video cameras. We strive to get a feel for what’s happening so we can be at the right place at the right time and not stepping on anyone’s toes! Whether you want us to interview guests or not is also a decision that rests entirely with you. We always are unobtrusive and professional. A lot of  the time guests don’t realize we are even there.

Will the videographer you're speaking to be the one who will be shooting your event?

Yes. We are a family operated business and we take great pride in attending and capturing your special days. Our combination of professionalism and artistry help capture this special day for generations to enjoy.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use state of the art digital cameras (known as 3 chip or 3 CCD). This is the new standard in video technology. We also use professional microphones to capture the sounds as well as the sights. In addition, we use state of the art editing software to add a level of artistry and creativity to your event that will capture the significance and emotion of the day.

Garland Video Productions offers a "Hollywood style" chaptered version DVD where each segment of the event is labeled. This allows the user to easily navigate to specific sections of the video. The main advantages of the DVD are the increased picture quality and the ability to skip to any part of the disc without having to rewind or fast-forward.

Why pay for a professional video when my friends, parents or other relatives can tape my event with a camcorder?

Most consumer (and even low-end inexpensive "professional") video fails for several reasons:

• Inadequate attention to sound, lack of research and coordination to learn the flow of the event
• Use of only one camera, no use of a tripod or other support, and inadequate battery capacity
• Lack of any professional editing equipment once all of the footage has been gathered
• Having a guest work at a function means that they can't take part in all of the fun!!
• Shaky picture that is unwatchable.
Do you attend our rehearsal? Is there an extra charge for this?

We always attend your rehearsal to ensure proper placement and less intrusion. We do not charge extra to attend your rehearsal.

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